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The Busker Guitar is a new venture - an innovative design with a unique bridge system that turns it into 'every guitar you will ever need'!

We are looking for investors to turn the prototyped idea into a commercial instrument. We need a venture capitalist and guitar lover to take this idea into the marketplace.

Our website has hits from all over the world and people have asked to buy units. To date, only the prototype exists, though a luthier is now at work on the Mk1 version.

The unique bridge system was searched at the UK Patent office and no counter claims were valid, but the patent upkeep was too costly for us to follow up.

If you would like to learn more about the Busker Guitar
a CD-Rom is available. Contact johnholt@btinternet.com.

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John (Boy) Holt and Billy 'Ray' Abram are 'zhonray' - chill out music with a hint of country

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Last updated: 06/01/09