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We wanted to create a compilation CD taking the favoured songs from out first 3 CDs. People are sometimes heard to say ... “I’m going to do an hour’s ironing” and many I know listen to a favourite CD while they press away, as it’s hard to watch TV and iron without getting scorch marks. So the concept of a one hour album of full bodied adult contemporary love songs, with a blend of pop, rock and Country was born ... Ultimate Ironing and Background Music [volume 1] ... background also in this sense; because the CD is intended for background music in local pubs and clubs in the North Wales area. The background images on the CD are therefore of the Clwydian mountain range close to where I live.

It’s not for me to say a great deal about the songs. They’re for the public to decide. We just put them up there for others to judge.

Our last CD won a Golden Award with Radio Indy, so that was nice and a few of those songs have made it onto Ultimate I&B.

However, my favourite is the gutsy “Lover of the Night” which owes a lot to the production of Iain Bradshaw. Iain takes our ideas and gives them a really solid, yet ethereal mood.

“Shine your smile on me” is my favourite Country composition, musically cohesive, yet no one has yet managed to write a line dance to its changing patterns.

“Summer Rain” was composed during the wettest ever British summer of 2006. In this song I used nearly ever studio technique available to me from sampling of 2006 torrential rain to mixing in Thunder sounds; plus acoustic work, key changing up and down too: a quite intricate song with a distinct “World” feel about it. Finally, an earlier composition, one played at a songwriting course in 2003 “I only have tonight”, one for me to feel nostalgic about.

Hope the ironing went well tonight!

Best Wishes,


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Have you reached this page by typing 'Ultimate Ironing' into your search engine, when what you were REALLY looking for is 'extreme ironing'? Then we have two suggestions:...

1) Have a read of this article on Wikipedia and...

2) DON'T DO IT!... Get this CD, chill out and consider the benefits of avoiding possible broken bones/huge insurance claims whilst eliminating the risk of losing one's undergarments in the process!

Happy (safe!) ironing!

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