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John with the Miles and Miles cds on display at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre

This is the "Cubase track layout of ...miles and miles... 5 minute version. Use 'Save as...' for full-size image

Another view of the Acoustic Shed ... this is the set-up used to create recent backing tracks for Lucia Cordaro (see www.luciacordaro.co.uk)

For those who asked - the Golden Sands image, taken by local photographer Janet Baxter, overlooks the Afon Dyfi estuary at Ynyslas, west Wales. The seascape on the back of the Golden Sands CD was taken between Aberystwyth and Clarach Bay, looking due west into Cardigan Bay, or Bae Ceredigion, as we Welsh should say!

Iain mixing the song "No more I can do"...Sue with her guitar...

The Acoustic Shed... and snow!Nova sings on Golden Sands...

Paul Brooks - Studio ReceptionAlways wanted to play a little piano!

Sunday afternoon practice...Ok Tom - we've got the drumkit, but we've no room for the guitars!

Paul Brooks, Producer - "The Master"The "Acoustic Shed" Studio... in winter

It's still not right!Chilling out on the "Artiste's Settee"

Recording demos using Cubase Virtual StudioPaul Brooks' Studio, Liverpool

Paul checks the mix......while Billy poses!

"Good photo, Nova!"Armirage Studio

Mixing deskIain Bradshaw "countrifies" a song

"Nice sounding guitar..."Lead vocal shot

The Trophy Wall at Armirage StudioIain uses Cubase too...

A high profile shot!"..and this is called a mic"

Paul Brooks' original studio"Action!"

"We'll have another take..."Billy on artiste's break

"The Master" at his control console"...Two... Three... and..."

Nova - "In the shadow of fallen love"

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