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LATEST NEWS - May 2013 - An Edwardian Family Album...

John was asked to write a piece for 'An Edwardian Family Album' video on Youtube - watch it here.

LATEST NEWS - September 2011 - Rita B wins award...

Country singer RITA B has won the UKCountryRadio.com Listeners’ Club Award for 2011 in recognition of her song “Got Caught When Your Guard Was Down” - read all about it here.

LATEST NEWS - July 2011 - Album and Award News...

New song 'Running Through My Veins' with Rita Bridgman - video now online:

Rita B's second album is now fully composed and recorded and awaiting mastering for release in the Autumn.

As with album 1, Rita has composed some excellent lyrics for me to write melodies around. One song "Skin-to-Skin" I have produced myself and I'm really pleased with the way Rita and Annie have harmonised on this hypnotic track - in which Rita wrote the melody for the middle section.

Our song "Then Love Was Young" reached the semi-final of a songcontest. More details here:


"Got caught when your guard was down" has made the UK Country Radio finals in September. Five finalists were chosen from 15 nominated songs and Rita will sing live (with Annie) at the contest.

I'm back on my own album now. Just had a song called "You changed your hair" mastered and I have two more tracks to go.

John H.

LATEST NEWS - November 2010 - 270 raised for MacMillan Cancer Support...

270 has now been raised from sales for MacMillan Cancer Support - thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this great total!

October 2010 - Honourable Mention in 2010 Song of the Year Songwriting Contest...

'Wasted Tears' - a collaboration with
Rita Bridgman - awarded 'Honorable Mention' at the 2010 Song of the Year Songwriting Contest. Click here to take a look!

August 2010 - New Album from Rita Bridgman  now available...

Rita Bridgman's latest album - 'In My Own Wor(l)ds' is now available for 6.99 (+1.50 P&P) from Rita's website or download from CD Baby. The album is a collaboration with Zhonray.

February 2010 - New Rita Bridgman videos...

Rita Bridgman has recorded a video for 'Wasted Tears'- click here to see it. You can also watch her new video for 'Then Love Was Young' here.

November 2009 - New York Situation...

Update: New York Situation now on
CD Baby!

Our latest CD "New York Situation" started life as a simple riff, then the line 'New York falls into the night' appeared between my ears for some mysterious reason! The backing track was provided by Iain Bradshaw and I could hear an instrumental version in my mind. For 'a few dollars more' Iain played clarinet and added bongos and strings. We're getting 25 CDs made and digitally distributed and sending the bulk to DJs in New York.

Update: Just signed-up for duplication of the CD with Crazy Daisy Productions to make a short run and link to CD Baby for digital distribution too.

Also working with
Rita Bridgman (http://www.rita-b-country-singer.com/) ... British Country singer ... on her first solo albums, writing melodies to her lyrics.

Rita B

July 2009 - New CD & single...

Our next CD "The Way I Feel Inside" is making steady progress and we're on track 8 of a 10 track album.  Also working on a duet with Sue Bargh - "Distant Lights Duet".  Still working the vocal, but it's sounding promising.

video now on YouTube

zhonray are in the studio working on a single release called "New York Situation" and have decided to do an instrumental version as well.The vocal track has been mastered - still refining the instrumental.

February 2009 - 'Ultimate I&B' album...

The "Ultimate I&B" CD available now on CD Baby

October 2008 - Award for zhonray... & CD on sale in Aberystwyth...

"...miles and miles..." CD is on sale at Aberystwyth University's Arts Centre, by the Christmas Craft Fair, next to the Cafe area.

zhonray have been awarded a '
Grindie' for the 'Miles and Miles' album by Radio Indy.
August 2008 - First 'Miles and Miles' download...

First 'Miles and Miles' download was the 15 minute "musical medley" to a US communications organisation.

July 2008 - 'DIGG' zhonray's Press Release...

A press release about zhonray's latest CD's review has been published to DIGG.com! Please help increase the popularity and exposure of our CD by visiting
DIGG.com and clicking 'DIGG' to digg our press release!

June 2008 - 'Funny how love ends' on Radio Ceredigion

"Funny how love ends" from the CD "miles and miles" will be played on Radio Ceredigion this Sunday on the Driving Country show with Alun Jones. Listen Live at

June 2008 - the zhonray 'Top of the Pops'!!!

The zhonray 'Top 10' as at 8 June 2008:

(cue Alan Freeman music !)

1: -- Golden Sands   A class song, no real surprises there.
2:   If you're leaving   Eat your heart out Barry Manilow.
3:   Lost Love Song   My Mother's favourite and our first studio song.
4:   The Ballad of Billy Ray   A surprise entry.
5:   Glass of wine   Another surprise entry, a dark liquor slipped into the middle of the Golden Sands CD.
6:   I guess I never will   A Country Rock song, but probably not the best Country song we've done.
7:   Lover of the night   Building the website music around this song. Great atmosphere. Great riffs. Tops.
8:   No more I can do   Moody straight to the heart rock number. Pleased it's in there.
9:   Shine your smile on me   Top Country linedance song.
10:   Music and Make-up   Surprising again. This is more musical style than pop culture.

May 2008

"Miles and miles" now available on

Doing a bit of backing for Lucia Cordaro - working with another producer over the air waves.

April 2008

zhonray's new album "miles and miles" has now been mastered at "
Crazy Daisy Productions" in the USA and is signed up with CD Baby! Available for download soon...

January 2008

zhonray's new album "miles and miles" is being mastered at "
Crazy Daisy Productions" in the USA!

Another HUGE 'Thank You' to everyone! In 2007 zhonray raised 180 for MacMillan Cancer Support!

June 2007

zhonray downloads are now available on CD Baby's sister site, PayPlay.fm - take a look at
http://payplay.fm/zhonray (Grey Velvet Skies) and http://payplay.fm/zhonray2 (Golden Sands).

April 2007

A new song is ready - 'Everything seems possible (little one)'. You can listen to it (and let us know what you think!) on

March 2007

John and Billy are now working on their third CD. They hope to do all the production themselves this time. Two songs are already mixed; two more in production with plenty more good material to choose from.

"The only trouble is that the grass has started growing, hedges too, and soon there will be too much to do. Studio time will dwindle, but at least we'll get a tan, and perhaps some more song ideas".

February 2007

John's elbow has healed now and there's only the physiotherapy work needed to get full movement back.  John would like to thank the consultant Mr Phillips and his team at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.  The treatment was first class.  It was a very humbling and interesting experience, though not one he wants to repeat too often.  The song "When I fell" might be on the next album, perhaps...

January 2007

'Golden Sands' now on CD Baby - see Discography for details

In other news...

John Boy has had to move to his classical guitar to start playing again.  "There's more room on the fretboard and the nylon strings are easier to pull down."

December 2006

John 'Boy' Holt dons a Spiderman tee-shirt in the mistaken belief that it will allow him to climb walls... It doesn't - see John and his 'cast of one' on the Gallery page. Hope you're better soon John! 'Get Well' messages gratefully received - preferably written on the back of used 5 notes...

On a more serious (and important) note - zhonray are now making a donation, for every CD distributed, to Macmillan Cancer Support, which is a UK charity (no. 261017) that works to improve the quality of life for people living with cancer. Visit their website at
www.macmillan.org.uk or make a donation.

Autumn 2006

zhonray website updated - hope you like it! We are now on MySpace - visit us at
www.myspace.com/zhonray - zhonray tracks now available to buy online at broadjam - see the Discography for more details. A new album - 'Golden Sands' - is on its way! Lyrics (and samples) are on the Discography page.

12 November 2005

zhonray cd now available to buy online in the US through alliance between CD Baby and one of America's largest on-line retailers - BestBuy.com! Click
here to visit their site...

New songs! Samples of two new songs added to the Discography page

15 August 2005

"Grey Velvet Skies" entered into the Plain Folk Song Competition in the USA

Zhonray go digital in cyberspace! "Grey Velvet Skies" is now available to download on Apple iTunes Music Store. Come back often for more digital distribution news...

7 August 2005

"If you're leaving" entered in John Lennon Songwriting Contest - see
Discography page to hear a sample

20 August 2005

John and Bill visited the Armirage Studio in February to finalise two more songs. The producer, Iain Bradshaw, is touring the country with a show called "Red Hot Country". Iain mastered the song "Shine your smile on me" and a humorous folky number "The Ballad of Billy Ray".

John is going on a music technology course to get a better undestanding of how all the software magic works.   

Zhonray's latest master demo was fully produced in our Acoustic Shed Studio.  The song is called Blossom Hill and has been co-written with Sue Bargh from the Chester songwriting group who meet on a Monday night at the Falcon Rooms. Blossom Hill is to be entered in the USA Songwriting Competition, judging in November.  

Billy, now immortalised in "The Ballad of Billy Ray", is pursuing banjo and guitar lessons from local tutors.

That's all for now - but please come back regularly for more updates!

Please feel free to email us with your comments, questions etc!

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