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The Story Behind 'Miles and Miles'...

I was standing on a cold beach in West Wales...

...surrounded by miles and miles of emptiness when the idea for this CD theme came out of the blue (or rather) magenta sky. If you need to get away from it all, I can highly recommend the thought of sailing off into the sunset away from all the complexity of the modern world that engulfs us on a daily basis.

The album was 18 months in the making, though some songs go back to the year 2000. With the exception of track 2, all the songs have been produced in-house, then mastered in America.

Friends help out now and then, popping in with a guitar solo, or a backing or lead vocal. Some co-write, while others act as mentors and give constructive advice and guidance. But in the end “it’s all my fault”.

The songs themes are as varied as ever, but mainly Easy Listening with a hint of Rock and just one out-and-out Country song “Funny How Love Ends” produced by Iain Bradshaw in his studio in England.

“Summer Rain” was written during the wettest UK Summer on record – 2007. I gave this a world pop feel, then added sitar whilst thinking of the Indian monsoon season. “Tell Me How You Feel” is a simple love ballad. “Just a Chance” lyrics and ideas were thought of by Sue Bargh, who attended a songwriting class along with myself in 2003 and we’ve kept in touch.

Mid album is filled with some powerful songs featuring a dancer and religion, a friend, a young arrival, and a leaver. Then an out and out Rock ‘n’ Roll number featuring Rob Duckers on retro lead guitar.

Finally I mixed down miles and miles to a 3 minute version for free to radio play. Then compiled all the instrumental parts of every track into a musical medley that last 15 minutes. [It’s great to listen to when you’re ironing – I’m told].

Best Wishes to all listeners.

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